Counseling Program

Chronic Illness Recovery provides a free counseling service for patients who are on Inflammation Therapy, with the authorization of their medical provider. Patients report online in a secure, interactive forum. A Registered Nurse responds to the patient’s report to provide an assessment and guidance. In this way patients are assured that treatment is on track. 

Patients who are interested in our counseling program, should email us at and ask for an Enrollment Form.

Or call 1-888-846-2474 toll-free for a free initial consultation.

A steadily incrasing number of physicians are using Inflammation Therapy (IT) to treat chronic illness.

Because this unique medical regime causes a temporary exacerbation of symptoms which can be intolerable or (rarely) life-threatening, physicians have been asking for help to understand the nuances of the recovery process and keep the expected immune system reactions under control.

Working with patients who are on Inflammation Therapy has been the most effective means of gaining an understanding of how to introduce and adjust the therapy medications to maintain tolerable symptoms and ensure patient safety. To that end, Chronic Illness Recovery has created a secure, private interactive Forum to provide a vehicle for RNs to counsel patients while working closely with their physicians. 

Enrolled patients and registered physicians are part of a supportive, friendly community and enjoy interactive forums for reporting and general discussion.

Professional nurses, experienced with counseling patients on IT, monitor and advise patients throughout the recovery process while keeping their doctor informed as needed. These nurses have counseled over a thousand patients and thoroughly understand how to manage immune system reactions.

Patients receive:

  • frequent monitoring via secure Forum or telephone by Registered Nurses
  • assessment for compliance and safety
  • suggestions regarding medication adjustments based on their physician’s standing orders
  • educational materials from our extensive, easy-to-read Library of Information to ensure understanding of the treatment and recovery process
  • emotional support and practical information via a general discussion forum for non-medical issues and questions
  • advice to contact his/her physician if a situation seems to warrant immediate medical attention or a clinic visit
  • private forum for posting reports.

Interested patients should send an email to  and ask for an Enrollment Form. Or call 1-888-846-2474 toll-free for a free initial consultation.

Physicians receive:

  • stat notice of patients at immediate risk
  • suggestions regarding medication adjustment if needed
  • suggestions regarding tests to monitor progress
  • assessment of test results as needed
  • basic treatment management information as needed
  • suggestions regarding difficult cases
  • suggestions regarding prospective patients
  • access to a physicians-only forum for information and communication with colleagues using IT 
  • access to the Physicians’ Reference Library
  • analysis of D-metabolites tests for any patient (enrollment in the counseling program not necessary)

Interested physicians should ask their patients to send an email to to ask for an Enrollment Form.

Physician website/forum registration

Physicians need not have a patient enrolled in the counseling program to take advantage of the available resources:

  • Patients’ Library and Physicians’ Reference Library
  • Physicians’ Forum for answers to questions about IT or individual patients, D-metabolites analysis, sharing information and contact with colleagues using IT
  • Access to Patient Reports which chronicle IT management

If you are a physician who is interested in our website resources please call or email us at to provide your contact information so you can be registered and have access to the private pages of the website and the Forum. There is no fee for these physician services.

About our patient caseload


Patients on this treatment can present a challenge to medical practitioners unfamiliar with Inflammation Therapy. Physicians may refer more than one patient to enroll in our counseling program which serves as a guide to both patient and clinician.

In accordance with our mission to inform and empower physicians to become independent and confident practitioners of Inflammation Therapy, our counseling service is free of charge to patients and medical practitioners.

Clinicians may also register their professional office staff with CIR for training in Inflammation Therapy management. Often a busy schedule can be made more manageable if the staff nurse monitors IT patients between office visits.

Who May Use Our Services


The goal of our website is to inform and empower physicians to become independent and confident practitioners of Inflammation Therapy (IT). One of the ways this is accomplished is by working closely with the Professional Nurses who are counseling their patient in our interactive Forum.

CIR will provide professional counseling services as a member of your health care team in order to help you and your doctor become familiar with managing the recovery process.

Patients who are interested in our counseling program, should email us at and ask for an Enrollment Form.

Or call 1-888-846-2474 toll-free for a free initial consultation.

CIR has a list of doctors who have been reported to be using, or interested in, Inflammation Therapy. To obtain a list, please send us an email at and let us know in which area you are looking, or where you are willing or able to travel.


There is no cost to you (or your doctor) to enroll in our counseling program.

Patients who don’t wish to enroll in our counseling program may obtain Library of Information Access. See below.

Patients who are looking for a supportive physician may contact us and we will send you a list.

Physicians and other prescribers

Our goal is to inform and empower physicians so they will be independent in managing Chronic Illness Recovery Therapy Patients may enroll in our counseling program only with the authorization of their physician. When your patient enrolls you’ll be kept informed as needed. Experience has taught us this is the most effective way to learn the nuances of Inflammation Therapy management.

Your patient will receive close monitoring and expert counseling by Registered Nurses who have personal experience with the therapy and professional experience counseling hundreds of patients through the recovery process. Your patient will be expected to report regularly and will receive support via website replies or phone calls as needed. Your patient will have access to our extensive Library of Information and to a General Discussion Forum for answers to general medical questions, non-medical questions and emotional support.

You may contact the nurses via email, toll-free phone or fax at any time. Our Physicians’ Reference Library is a great resource for scientific papers and abstracts of studies about Th1 inflammation, vitamin D dysregulation, Benicar, etc. and information of use to clinicians.

Each physician will receive a free year of counseling for their first enrolled patient.

Physicians should direct interested patients to enroll by sending an email to or a fax to (480) 772-4701. You will be asked to sign a form authorizing our counseling services and standing orders for therapy medications.

Physicians may use CIR website resources even if they don’t have a patient enrolled in our counseling program….simply contact us and ask to register. There is no fee.

Enrolled patients and registered physicians have access to the website’s private pages and to the interactive Forum that is used for counseling and communication.

“It’s nice to see all the new members… just think of all the people who will be getting the help they need. I’m very happy to see the CIR grow so quickly.” ~ Jean (patient)

Library of Information Access

Access to our extensive, easy-to-read Library (see this sample page) is available to patients, without enrollment in our counseling program. Interested patients should send a request along with their doctor’s name and fax number (in the US or Canada) or email address to It is our policy to notify your doctor that you have access to this information about managing prescription medications.

Click here for a list of articles available in our Library of Information and Physicians’ Reference Library.