Chronic Illness Recovery provides a free counseling service for patients who are on Inflammation Therapy. Patients report online in a secure, interactive forum. A Registered Nurse responds to the patient’s report to provide an assessment and guidance. In this way patients are assured that treatment is on track. 

Patients receive:

  • frequent monitoring via secure Forum or telephone by Registered Nurses
  • assessment for compliance and safety
  • suggestions regarding medication adjustments
  • educational materials from our extensive, easy-to-read Library of Information to ensure understanding of the treatment and recovery process
  • emotional support and practical information
  • advice to contact his/her Healthcare Provider if a situation seems to warrant immediate medical attention or a clinic visit
  • private forum for posting reports.

Interested patients should send an email to [email protected]  and ask for an Enrollment Form. Or call 1-888-846-2474 toll-free for a free initial consultation.

CIR has a list of doctors who have been reported to be using, or interested in, Inflammation Therapy. To obtain a list, please send us an email at [email protected] and let us know in which area you are looking, or where you are willing or able to travel.



Healthcare Providers need not have a patient enrolled in our counseling program to take advantage of our resources:

  • Patients’ Library
  • Physicians’ Reference Library

If you’re a Healthcare Provider who is interested in our website resources please call or email us at [email protected]. There is no fee for these services.


Library of Information Access

Patients who don’t wish to enroll in our counseling program may obtain access to our extensive, easy-to-read Library of Information (see this sample page). Interested patients should contact us at [email protected]. It’s our policy to notify Healthcare Providers when their patient has access to this Library because it contains information about managing prescription medications.

Click here for a list of articles available in our Library of Information and Physicians’ Reference Library.